Service & Product
Service & Product
CXC Local document speedy express

Monthly Plan

Suitable for the customers who receive and dispatch a large number of documents each month.


Package Plan

Suitable for customers with irregular delivery service needs. 


Details please refer to our CXC Company Account Opening Form.

CXC Local E-com parcel delivery

In response to the needs of online merchants and shoppers, CXC provides door-to-door delivery and self-pickup services.


We are now launching special discounts for online merchants/shoppers. Customers can send/get their goods at lower shipping costs.


CXC International Express

CXC Express arranges international shipments through the air.  We aim to provide customers with the best service for saving their time and cost! 


For more details, please refer to the website.

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Our New Storage Service



Warehousing costs have always been an issue for small and medium-sized enterprises. We recently launched a warehousing service with a flexible plan. Customers can adjust the storage volume according to their needs.


Open an account now to enjoy three months FREE stoarge service. 

Other Project

CXC is dedicated to providing our customers with the best fit service.  We have been providing services to government departments and major companies. We aim to provide the most suitable logistic solutions for our customers.


CXC Storage




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